What is up guys Kevin David with that lifestyle ninja and I want to make a
Very bold claim today I want to make the claim that I am 100% sure that if you
Understand every single portion of this video
Over the next hour that you could open a Facebook ad agency tomorrow so make sure
That you understand right don’t memorize understand every single portion of this
Video and you can go from someone who knows absolutely nothing about Facebook
advertising to a Facebook Ads expert all right guys this is going to be a very
exciting one for those of you who do follow my channel the one thing that I
know as well as Amazon FBA is definitely Facebook Ads
I’ve I’ve been around since the beginning I definitely remember like
when they brought out all their new features right when they started doing
Instagram power editor and everything right so you guys are gonna learn from
all of my mistakes we’re gonna go over every single thing you need to basically
master Facebook Ads from beginning to end so sit tight this
is gonna be a good one we are also going to reveal exactly how I turned 262
dollars into over seven thousand dollars profit in one day so stay tuned until
the end that is going to be a good one so let’s talk about the basics really
quick for those of you who know Facebook Ads you can skip a few minutes ahead if
you want but these are important things that everybody kind of needs to
understand so that they can really have the you know infrastructure to build
into the more advanced thing so Facebook you build ad campaigns in three levels
you start at the campaign level right this is where you can actually have
multiple ad sets and each ad set has multiple ads right so a campaign is kind
of the highest level within the campaigns you have ad sets right Adsense
is where you actually do your detailed targeting this is where you know you
target and say okay only show my Facebook ad to somebody who likes tony
robbins page and also likes you know gary vaynerchuk or you know whatever
you’re targeting whether you’re targeting entrepreneurship or maybe
you’re looking at cats right and you’re using audience insights which we will
talk about to actually you know hone down on get the most targeted audience
where you are going to get the most sales right and then you have the ad
ad is kind of the lowest level it’s what the customers on Facebook actually see
this is where you have your copy you know you say today only like it claim
your 50% off coupon for this amazing basketball or whatever it is you’re
selling right so those are kind of the three overarching tiers of Facebook ads
let’s talk about a little bit of Facebook vocabulary because two people
who have never done this before custom audiences look-alikes they can be kind
of overwhelming but really when you understand it it’s not that bad so
custom audiences you can make from pretty much anything right you can say
you know make me a custom audience of everyone who’s viewed my order page but
has not viewed my thank-you page make me a custom audience of everyone who’s
visited my website right and if you guys aren’t familiar with Facebook Ads you’re
kind of thinking yourself how do you know who’s visited my website and that’s
a great question and the answer to that is using the Facebook pixel which we
will talk about in just a few minutes the Facebook pixel is where the magic
happens it allows you to retarget right and don’t worry if you’re confused now I
will explain every single part of that so custom audiences are incredibly
important you can import an email list right so let’s say you had a hundred
people who signed up to your email list you can create what’s called a custom
audience from that email list and it’ll say Facebook will say okay hey we have a
hundred people in this list and Facebook has an unbelievable amount of data let
me just repeat that so you guys understand unimaginable amount of data
so when you give Facebook someone’s email they’re saying ok this is this
person we have 200 different data points on this person make me a custom audience
of everyone who is similar to this person’s email right and so when you
import a customer email file or whatever the case may be facebook says ok these
people share all of these common attributes let’s make a custom audience
of those people right and so custom audiences are incredibly important we
will talk about it more I just want to kind of introduce it so you guys kind of
can get a feel lookalike audiences are really where Facebook Facebook‘s
algorithms and data stores start to shine so look-alike audiences you can
create you know let’s say you have somebody who likes your page let’s say
you create a Facebook fan page for your amazing you know cat jewelry or if
entrepreneur and people are liking your own page right once you have enough
people who like your page you can create what’s called a look-alike audience of
those people who like your page so let’s say I have a thousand people who like my
page you need a hundred at least from a country to create and what’s called a
look-alike audience but the more people you have the more accurate Facebook is
able to create that audience right so let’s say I have a hundred people who
like my page all from the USA so Facebook kind of look at them and say
okay 90 of them are males right 90 of them are between the ages of 19 and 24
90 of them you know have this amount of money in this amount of education so
they take all of these different data variable points about these people who
like your page and they say hey okay well there’s this amount of people in
the USA and you know they give you two million people back who share as many
data point attributes as possible with the people who have liked your page so
it’s basically a way of facebook‘s using their algorithm to bring you the most
targeted possible audience based on the data points you give them so the more
people who like your page the more accurate the look-alike audience is
because it’s able to match more and more data points and give you a more and more
accurate actual look-alike audience so custom audiences and look-alike
audiences are incredibly important you can actually create look-alike audiences
from custom audiences which is an advanced feature and it’s very very
powerful and we definitely are going to talk about that too so the last Facebook
vocabulary that is absolutely necessary to know is what’s called the Facebook
pixel so the Facebook pixel it sounds complicated but please trust me it’s
actually not think about the Facebook pixel as an identifier right and so have
you ever kind of been browsing on the internet you’ve seen you know let’s say
you’re looking at some camping equipment on like a Shopify website or which is
you know you’re just kind of cruising through the cruisin through the web and
then you come onto Facebook and you’ve seen an ad for what you were just
looking at you’re kind of thinking yourself okay how the heck is that
happening how does Facebook how could they possibly know that I was just
browsing that web site the way that they know is called be Facebook pixel so it’s
basically a piece of code that you get from your facebook ad account that you
put you know in the background of your website and then whenever somebody visit
is your website if they are a Facebook user Facebook will say hey you know
Kevin from Oregon visited your website you
know this is what we know about him right so if you want to retarget Kevin
on Facebook using Facebook Ads we know that he’s visited your website so why
not retargeting because you know any advertiser who knows anything knows that
retargeting is where the magic happens retargeting is where you actually start
to make the money right and so it’s not anything fancy but using Facebook pixels
is absolutely pivotal to mastering Facebook Ads who do not ignore it right
and we will talk about a little bit more of advanced features which is called
events right so with the Facebook pixel you have what’s called event codes so
let’s say that you have a Shopify website or some type of e-commerce
website you’d put event codes on certain pages when you want it to signify an
event occurring so I know that sounds complicated but it’s not just think
about it like this so if somebody visits your website they’re viewing your
content right no other actions have been taken so the view content event fires
right so that that that says to the Facebook pixel hey this person has
viewed content right and then you you also add write an add to cart’ event so
then you know if this person also viewed content they also add it to cart so you
can start to target people even even closer right and then let’s say you have
a hundred people who fired the purchase event pixel right then all of a sudden
you have a hundred people who have purchased and then from those hundred
people you can create a look-alike audience or a conversion campaign right
targeting people who share similarities and traits with the people who purchased
your product so it starts to get really exciting I think you guys are probably
starting to understand how you can kind of you know use this magic and art in a
very you know thought-out eloquent way to retarget people in a very succinct
way where you’re not wasting money on cold traffic right you’re retargeting
people you know are interested and then you’re creating custom and look-alike
audiences based on that data right so let’s kick it off so this is one of my
ad accounts right Facebook has the annoying habit of shutting people’s ad
accounts down for basically no reason so I always create multiple backups so
you’ll see a number of different names of my accounts right because I have
a ton and over the years I’ve gotten a ton shut down and I’ve been lucky and
thankful to have backups so one thing I want to talk about really quick before
we get started I use what’s called business manager so business manager is
basically just a slightly more advanced version of the Facebook Ads manager so
that’s why you guys are gonna see it like this it’s in my actual one of my
business names so the Facebook business manager is important for a couple of
reasons so if you have multiple Facebook pages you don’t want to have to navigate
through you know 20 different ad account pages you want them all kind of in one
succinct place and you also want to be able to add access so let’s say you want
to hire somebody to help you with Facebook Ads or you know refine your
campaigns or build out some new campaigns for you in different countries
or whatever the case may be it’s much easier to add somebody in facebook
business manager then it is in the normal advert account so I always
recommend anybody who’s serious about Facebook Ads
to kind of sign up for the business manager and it’s very easy you just go
to business Facebook comm create account and I’m not gonna walk you this through
that because you know you can do it by yourself so I am using the business
manager and so we’re gonna take a look at a number of my different campaigns
I’m later on and I’ll show you guys exactly kind of how I was targeting
things all right we can talk about how to see you know how to look at website
purchases website conversions you know and all of these different metrics right
how to actually organize the columns themselves to see you know what you’re
trying to focus on whether you’re trying to you know collect emails through leads
whether you’re trying to optimize for purchases based on that Facebook event
pixel right and so it’s quite easy once you know or you know you’ve seen
somebody set it up before but I usually just am actually you know optimizing for
website purchases or website conversions or you know depending on what your
campaign is you can do different things but knowing how to set up your columns
is very important on interpreting the data so the last thing I want to talk
about really quickly before we actually jump into the actual creation of an ad
is the audience section right so from business manager you just come over to
audiences and then all of a sudden you can create all of these different things
custom audiences look like audiences and now you guys know what a custom audience
is and what it look like audience is Right really quickly I’ll just show you
kind of what it looks like so I cut some audience you can use a customer
to match your customers with people on Facebook and create an audience from the
matches right so that’s what I was talking about before a customer file if
you do have those email addresses or you know you do have address data or phone
data the more data you supply Facebook the more data points they can match and
the more accurate they can actually give you back an audience right so you can do
it with website traffic as well like I was saying hey Facebook make me a custom
audience of everyone who’s gotten to my order page but has not seen my purchase
page meaning they almost bought but they did not buy because the only way you see
the thank-you page is when you purchase and so then you can create a very
targeted audience of people who showed a very large amount of interest but then
didn’t actually produce for whatever reason maybe you know they got a phone
call maybe their dog peed on the carpet you never really know right so don’t
ever count these people out don’t think that just because they didn’t purchase
they don’t want to retargeting is where the magic happens right so app activity
and engagement as well so these ones I don’t use as often but if you are like
an iOS or Android developer right obviously you can use this one and again
engagement is a little bit less powerful the main two that I use for custom
audience are customer file and then website traffic so really quickly let’s
look at it look-alike audience as well so it asks you for the source right so
all of the different pages that you actually have on Facebook you can use
there and then the location right so if you have let’s say I have a hundred
people who like my my Facebook page from the USA let’s say I have a hundred
people who like it from Germany so I could actually choose Germany here from
my Kevin David page and then all of a sudden I have you know this very
targeted population to then narrow down further in the German market right I
could say hey thanks book make me look like audience of everybody who’s similar
to the Germans who’ve liked my page and also speak English right and then the
audience size here don’t get overwhelmed by this at all it basically just means
you know how accurate you want it to be the most accurate most targeted with the
most data points that match is the one out of ten on audience size and so you
normally I choose one in the United States because we have enough people
there but let’s say you’re doing like a look-alike audience based on people who
like your products from Japan right or like a smaller country then you need to
choose a little bit higher because you you know
once your audience size on a look-alike audience to be above 1 million like
between the 1 and 3 million mark is definitely enough normally in the USA if
you have a look-alike audience even on the most accurate on the 1 you’ll still
have that data size but again in smaller countries it sometimes can be a little
bit you need to go a little bit higher so those are the audience types and
let’s kick it off so we are going to create a campaign alright guys so really
quickly I just wanted to mention that this cheat sheet will be available for
everyone for free for a while it will be available for download in the Facebook
Ads ninja Facebook group that I will have as the first link in this
description I do want to keep that community small just so we can all kind
of like really help each other but for a limited time we are gonna let everyone
join so if you are interested in Facebook ads or you know you do want the
cheat sheet make sure you do join our Facebook group in the description it
will be the first link Facebook Ads ninja you can get access to this cheat
sheet right I spent you know a ton of time writing this out for you guys so
hopefully you know you will like it so let’s talk about creating a campaign
right and so this kind of looks complicated if you’ve never seen it
before but trust me most of these you will you know 99.9% of Facebook
advertisers will never actually use so I’ve been on Facebook ads for years and
years and years now brand awareness you know I’ve never used that once in my
life reach again you know I’ve never used it
but I’m sure some people have used it successfully we are going to focus on
the types of campaigns that are actually going to be most applicable to the most
number of people and that is traffic engagement and conversions right so
really quickly obviously app installs it’s you know if you want people to
install your app video views if you want people to view your video if you’re
trying to make a video viral or you want to bring people into your ecosystem that
way video views is interesting because you can actually re target people based
on how much of the video they watched right but it doesn’t have to be a video
of you audience to do that you can create a traffic campaign where you have
you know your advertisement video and then if
somebody watch 25% you can create a custom audience of people who watch 25%
you can create a custom audience of people who watch 50% you can make a
custom audience you guessed it of people who watched 75% right so the most
important ones we’re gonna focus on is traffic engagement and convergence so
the life cycle of advertising in my opinion right and what it’s worked
extremely well for me even when I had you know my iOS game that I was
advertising you know when I was trying to drive traffic to my travel blogs that
I was trying to monetize when I was using Amazon affiliates to try to sell
products to earn that affiliate Commission it’s always work for me and
it does work extremely well it’s important to understand why right so the
that first part of the ad life cycle is engagement think about your when you see
an ad yourself on Facebook and what make gives it instant credibility right so
social proof is extremely extremely important when you are advertising on
Facebook when you’re selling the product when you’re selling a service it doesn’t
matter what it is people like reviews right it’s just like Amazon when you’re
buying a product on Amazon you would rather buy parts that has 100 five-star
reviews or zero right so engagement is incredibly important you want your ad to
have some engagement you want to have some likes on your ad you want to have
people commenting on it you want to have people sharing it right when you see an
advertisement pop up on Facebook one that has no interaction at all and one
that has you know 100 likes and some people laughing on the comments right
maybe it’s like a couple shares and things like that it instantly says okay
these people are interested about this ad so maybe I should be interested as
well so engagement is incredibly incredibly important so we will talk
about how to get very cheap engagement because it’s not it’s not necessarily
you don’t need people from the USA to like and comment right because USA
getting people to like and comment is much more expensive than using third
world countries so I’ll talk about the strategy I use to use third world
countries to actually build up the likes and comments and engagement of an ad and
then run that ad in the USA where you’re more likely to actually get sales if
you’re from here right or the UK or wherever you’re from so we get very
cheap engagement using third world countries which we will talk about and
then once we have that engagement we rerun that same ad
in the United States market now that it has that social proof then we can start
to get you know much higher conversions so after we get some social proof
traffic is where you can actually you know traffic is the most general most
broad most widely used type of campaign on Facebook you can do anything here you
can drive somebody to a Facebook page and Instagram you can drive them to your
Shopify website you could drive them to an Amazon listing no it doesn’t matter
what it is right a landing page to collect emails it does not matter what
it is but it’s the most common and it is basically what you want to use you know
if you’re targeting cold traffic so in my opinion if you’re doing you’re
targeting correctly it’ll never be cold traffic but it’ll be you know lukewarm
traffic but traffic is your first line of defense after you build some
engagement once you kind of gotten people into your ecosystem once you have
people visiting your website you know visiting any any part of your website
once you have people visiting your you know Add to Cart page your order page
once you have people actually making purchases then you can use what’s called
a conversion campaign so you tell Facebook okay I want to optimize this
campaign based on all of your data you have as Facebook I want to optimize this
specific ad campaign to convert for X right so let’s say you want to create a
conversion campaign for people who view your website you could do that you want
to make a conversion campaign for people who Add to Cart you can do that Facebook
will say okay these people are more likely to add a product to cart than you
know anyone else people will say Facebook will say okay if I want to make
a conversion campaign for people who purchase my products Facebook will say
okay this person purchased your product we have all these data points on this
person who actually purchase your product let’s use all of the troves of
data that we have on everyone else to match up all those data points to bring
you an audience that is most likely to also purchase your product right so it’s
incredibly important conversion campaign is definitely the most advanced but also
probably the most important as you build more and more pixel data on more and
more people who come to your you know into your ecosystem conversion campaigns
become more and more profitable right and so the last one I want to mention
really quickly is lead generation so this is kind of a new one
it came about pretty recently but it is incredibly important right so one of the
things I always preach if you guys are you know tuning into the channel if this
is your first time welcome to the ninja fam but one of the things I always
preach is the importance of email lists right so if you can build a following
it’s the most important thing you can possibly do to create you know a
sustainable business a long term business right so you always always
always want to stress the importance of building an email list right building a
Facebook group you know everything I’m doing I’m trying to be you know
strategic right we want to build our Facebook ads you know a ninja group to
help as many people as we can but also you know to build kind of a following
that we can communicate with back and forth right so it’s very important to
build an email list the lead generation campaign is a very cool new way that
Facebook kind of gives you a template to collect you know email addresses or you
know drive more sales leads or whatever the case may be but I’ve used it as a
contest platform right we’re all saying hey you know I only have a thousand of
these PPC cheat sheet giveaways for my Amazon FBA business right and it’ll
actually display in that ad itself that people see on their desktop feeds you
know only a thousand left and it’ll actually update in real time
that gives a little bit of an element of scarcity people are saying oh gosh
there’s only 500 left like I should probably get mine now right and so
you’re getting emails for a very cheap price using like an actual in template
version that facebook gives you to collect email so we are going to do a
traffic campaign but those are the most important just to summarize right
engagement to build social proof traffic kind of drives that lukewarm traffic
once you have people into your ecosystem the conversion campaign is really what
drives at home and optimizes and uses Facebook‘s incredibly accurate and
powerful algorithms to bring you the most likely people to buy your product
or service right and then last but not least lead generation to kind of build
that email list right so let’s talk about actually naming a campaign all
right so you want to be specific here guys cuz I know it doesn’t seem like it
but as you get more and more into Facebook ads you also have to have tens
hundreds even thousands of different campaigns and it starts to get kind of
confusing unless you kind of name it right up front so let’s say that we are
selling you know some products for our micro Pig boutique Shopify site
right and if you guys have never seen a micro pig she definitely check them out
because they’re the cutest things in the world so we’re gonna call this a traffic
micro pig
we’ll call it 9 1 give a little – here traffic Micro pig apparel 9 117 and then
we’re gonna do cold right because if you want to use a custom audience or it look
like audience then you’d want to name it here so you’d say like you’d say page
likes look-alike audience USA right but we’re not gonna do that here where it’s
gonna do cold traffic because I want to show you guys kind of how to be able to
make a facebook ad for any specific topic right because the most important
thing is when everyone’s watching this video right they have a single website
or e-commerce store or service or something or affiliate marketing or
whatever they’re trying to actually add advertise for so I’m gonna try to make a
video here that shows you guys you know it doesn’t teach you how to advertise
for one thing but teaches you how to advertise for anything right so we’re
gonna set up the ad on the United States US dollars Mecca Denver yep so now we
are into the ad vert set right it’s the adverts set is where you actually create
you know this is where the magic happens this is where you can differentiate
yourself from other marketers right Facebook ads are as much of an art as
they are a science I always say that there there’s so much room for you know
being creative and using all these different ideas in you know in unison
with another creating a custom audience from you know people who visit your
order page but not your Thank You page and then creating a look-alike audience
from that custom audience and then you know mirroring that look-alike audience
into different countries and then you know split testing based on demographics
of age and gender and interest and you know the possibilities are endless you
guys in facebook gives you so much power to create really just amazing campaigns
so you just have to get creative and you have to learn from the right person and
hopefully that’s me so the adverts set name so we’re gonna
name this something specific as well so we’re gonna call this you know micro
pig Apparel audience insights and so
audience insights is a very you know and if this was a real campaign I’d probably
have more to actually name it but you know I’m just gonna do this one from
scratch I really honestly have no idea if it’s even gonna work but the point of
doing it this way is that I’m gonna try to show you guys that you can create an
audience from literally anything it does not matter if it’s you know digital
marketing or something super popular or if it’s something ads boutique as a
micro pig alright so this is where we this is where we actually do our
audience right so if we’re if we’re gonna do a custom audience we would have
already made one in the audience section right here if we just come up to this
menu audiences that’s how we get here then we can create one either custom or
look like and so then once we’re actually into the ad set targeting which
where we are now we can choose one of these custom audiences right so all i’ve
made all of these different audiences of people you know in canada in australia
you know all of my customers people who visited the order or order form but not
the Thank You page engage with my page in the last 45 days watch 10 seconds of
any video visited the site in the last 60 30 right offline conversions which we
will talk about later offline conversions are incredibly important
guys because once you start to have you know people who are making purchases or
you know getting come to the final stage of your life cycle in my specific case
it’s people who actually purchased my FBA course or you know any number of my
different Amazon ads people who actually you know go through and actually
purchase my products once you have that purchase list then you can create what’s
called offline conversion campaigns which is a very slick way to use
Facebook‘s incredible amount of data to create incredibly accurate targeting of
people who share you know many data points with the people who actually
purchase your product or service right so for this one we’re not going to use a
custom audience because I just want to show you guys you know completely from
scratch how we’re going to target these micro pigs so eighteen is 65 plus for
this one you know how we actually get this
of data cuz you don’t want to just completely guess right you want to know
you know of everyone on Facebook what gender and age groups and you know
everything we can figure out about them actually like micro pig so how we’re
gonna do that is we’re gonna come over to the audience insights section right
so audience insights is an incredibly powerful tool for Facebook Ads you know
even if you’re not advertising on Facebook it’s an incredibly powerful
tool of seeing people’s interests and demographics and all types of different
information about basically anything in the world so we’re gonna choose everyone
on Facebook here and let’s talk about a few things of what we’re actually
looking at so right now we chose everyone on Facebook so this means that
every single person on Facebook 54% of those people are women 46% are men right
with the lion’s share of everyone on Facebook being between the ages of 25
and 44 you know 18 year olds are a close third and forty five to fifty four or a
fourth right so this is everyone on Facebook um so what we use audience
insights for it can look a little bit complicated right but it’s not that
complicated once you kind of understand it this is the most important section
right here interests so we’re gonna try to get lucky here with a micro pig oh
wow okay so we have miniature Pig which is incredible so now let’s take a look
at what we’ve actually seen it change here so before it was 54% women now we
can see that 90% of people interested in miniature pigs are women right so that’s
incredibly important if we’re making a micro pig campaign here because instead
of charge instead of targeting everyone we would only want to target women right
because why would we target a interest that has 50% you know showing it to 50%
men and 50% women when we can see very clearly here that 90% of people
interested in miniature pigs are in fact women so once you know that they’re all
women right there’s a couple more things that we can take a look at so don’t get
overwhelmed here because not all of this is as important as one thing so I’m
skipping page likes because it is the most important so we can see here
location right people you know a hundred percent of people comparatively are
interested in micro pigs coming out a Lexington and Kentucky
so again when we come into this area instead of
choosing in the United States we could in fact go Lexington Kentucky right we
could also do Jacksonville Louisville right and instead of choosing you know
the United States as a whole we could narrow down on what Facebook thinks is
actually you know or what Facebook knows based on the data they have of people
who like my miniature Pig pages and things like that are actually liking so
we choose these cities instead of the United States as a whole and we can take
a look at their activity right people who like comment post like and this is
an important thing to kind of look at right because when we’re doing
conversion campaigns it kind of seems like magic how could Facebook possibly
know you know which between two people who’s more likely to like my post but
it’s actually quite logical because they have you know all this information on
every single person on Facebook how many times they’ve liked pages how many times
they’ve commented on posts how many times they’ve shared videos and so when
you’re optimizing a specific campaign for a type of conversion whether it’s
watching a video or liking a page or whatever it is Facebook has all this
information on people where they can better target you know people who are
most likely to do whatever action you want to convert them on you can see
household information so people who like miniature pigs estimated income and
thousands of dollars are primarily between 50,000 and $100,000 actually 11%
of people are between 150 and $250,000 most people are owners of their own home
right so we can target that actually in our interest section and I’m kind of
hopping around but we will you know we will go through this so we can go
homeowners oops wrong line so we’ll go homeowners because we can see that 71%
of people who like micro pigs on their own home you can get a ton of different
data here you know about household size household income spending methods all
this type of information important you can see you know estimated
online retail spending compared with other consumers 42% are medium 24% are
high right a lot of information don’t get overwhelmed to again what were
mainly concerned with here guys is the page likes so page likes are how you
differentiate yourself as a facebook marketer so if you can get this section
down you can pretty much ignore the rest of it right and I’m just saying that so
everybody focuses here page likes are the best page likes are the best page
looks are the most important so you can get demographics location right to
really hone in on our target audience before we get to the magic right but the
magic itself is page likes and we’re gonna talk about exactly why that is in
a second so let’s take a look at what some of these different pages are
Priscilla the mini-pig I love my dog maybe not be you know as relevant here
you see oMG this one also might not be that relevant let’s see if we see some
piggies here now so this looks more yeah this one looks more general Best Friends
Animal Society Humane Society Pet Smart rough country rustic furniture and decor
so you’ll see that you know some of these are not as applicable as others
but some are incredibly applicable right Priscilla the mini pig is perfect mini
pig world I cannot imagine a more perfect target err on Facebook than
people who like mini pig world so I’m gonna look at great krasna malls Creusot
moles yeah so this looks more general again so we’re not gonna use that one
but you know Priscilla the mini pig is perfect and got a hundred thousand
people who like that mini pig world we got 42,000 people who like mini pig
world which is crazy but it’s awesome obviously American mini pig or
Association so this is ridiculous right so I mean I’m actually doing this live
for you guys if you can’t tell but I just wanted to choose the most random
thing in the world and one of my best friends just bought a mini pig so I
thought it would be perfect to show that specific targeting because it’s just
such a incredibly random thing so let’s look at one more just Best
Friends Animal Society so again this one’s a little bit more general one last
thing that I like to use is a service called Google Trends so Google Trends is
a really cool way I’m kind of with audience insights where you can tell a
lot about where people are searching something so we’re gonna put a miniature
Pig as a search term into Google Trends we are gonna narrow it down from
worldwide to the United States for now but I mean if you had a Shopify store or
something that shipped worldwide you know you can send it all around the
world and you wouldn’t want to narrow it to just the United States but for this
exact example we’re gonna use the USA and so we can see some data here we can
see that it was super popular on September 4th right a 99 out of 100
there might have been something like in the news or something like that we’ve
seen that it’s maintained a pretty level standpoint around 75 it’s dropped
recently but then it’s made a kind of a comeback for miniature pigs which is
nice but this is the important part right so when we’re when we’re actually
building our audience it’s very important to know you know and this was
based on millions and millions of different Google searches we can tell
that people in Indiana are most interested in micro pigs right we can
get even we can get even closer right so we can go to metropolitan areas or we
can go to actual cities alright so it looks like there’s not enough data for
the actual cities but we can do metropolitan areas reset worldwide so
let’s do metro areas so Houston Texas Dallas Fresno Visalia all right so we
could we could narrow this down but you know this is where you’d want to split
test right so you could do one campaign where you choose all the same narrower
everything the same but you choose Indiana Texas North Carolina Washington
Virginia and you could do one campaign where you do everything the same but use
Fresno Houston Dallas Denver Atlanta see you know because the Facebook at the
very end of the day is all about testing right so you want to test does this work
better does that work better and then from there you know you can actually
really see which one is more profitable which in the end is you know the purpose
of every campaign so for now we’re just gonna use sub-regions we can use these
states here and these three narrower so those are absolutely perfect and we
would never I would never in a million of years have found those miniature Pig
pages unless I had use audience insights search miniature Pig in the interest and
then taking a look at the actual page likes themselves so let’s start to
actually build this ad campaign so we want people who speak English cuz you
know I speak English we want people who own their own home and if we want to
exclude people we choose exclude if we want to narrow the audience we do narrow
and it’s very important here to read exactly what this says right so and must
also match at least one of the following right so we could put all of our
different demographics into this one section and that means that our detailed
targeting would be either homeowners or people who like you know the American
mini-pig Association or people who like mini-pig world but it’s not you know and
like right because that’s the most important parts of notice so if we have
a perfect interest that we think is you know every single person that I want to
show this campaign to ever must like this specific thing then we want to put
it by itself in its own category right so we are targeting miniature pigs right
and so I want it to be by itself so maybe they’re a homeowner maybe you know
based on some other type of you know audience insights that we’re looking at
like households to their home owners right most of them make between fifty
and a hundred thousand dollars so maybe you want to add that so let’s narrow
further and I want to just quickly show you guys kind of the Browse feature cuz
it’s important to kind of take a look at income right
so this is what we were just talking about people are making what was it
again between 50 right here fifty thousand and a hundred thousand forty
six percent of our entire audience so between fifty between 50 and 100
thousand right here so we want them to be a homeowner who are you know or you
know between 50 and 75 or between 75 and 99 this is not and right must also match
is by itself which is when we click narrow further so I want every single
person in this entire campaign to have liked miniature pigs but I don’t really
care if you know they’re between 50 and 75 or if they’re between 75 and 99 or if
they’re homeless I just want them to be one of the three so either/or here and
is a must which is very important to understand so
now our potential reaches 2600 people which is already you know quite small
really we’re only going to be showing you know between 500 and 1300 per day
but let’s go a little bit further actually let’s keep this in the
miniature Pig because we’re already pretty small here since it’s you know
kind of a micro pig is not the most popular thing in the world but just
trying to prove a point so mini pig world and something that you’ll notice
as you do more and more Facebook ads let’s see if it actually comes up before
I say that and it’s not yeah so sometimes you’ll notice that you know
huge pages with hundreds of thousands of likes will not appear in the interest
section and sometimes pages with like two thousand likes will appear right and
so Facebook ads are is just a you know beast in itself and it’s not gonna be
perfect and this is one of the main things I don’t like about it let’s see
if Priscilla the mini pig is gonna be in there so let’s go Priscilla the mini pig
and it’s suggesting over-the-counter medications so we’re not gonna do that
one so that’s just you know kind of a thing you have to live with with
Facebook I will show one more example with audience insights really quick just
to make sure just to show you guys that normally it does work so let’s do like
Tony Robbins
so Tony Robbins can go to the page likes here people who like Tony Robbins also
like Gary Vaynerchuk so if we came in here and we typed Gary Vaynerchuk we
could see that that does of course appear obviously this is a different
example I’m just showing you guys that you know 95 percent of the time the page
likes you find here you will be able to target it just so happened that the – we
chose Facebook wasn’t showing enough love – so you know that happens
sometimes which makes it harder for me you know which is good right because
then I have to work a little bit harder so let’s go mini-pigs here let’s see if
we can find like a magazine or something like that North American pet pig
Association let’s try pet pig let’s just go pig
intensive pig farming let’s write a micro pig mini pig link right so
sometimes you have to get a little bit a little bit creative I mean this is to be
honest we don’t even really need anything else because we already have
such a small audience you know we’ve used audience insights to go 50 thousand
– 75 75 to 100 who also is a home owner miniature Pig right we’re already at
2600 because we’re in Lexington Kentucky only right so if we if we actually go a
little bit larger here let’s instead use what we found in Google Trends Indiana
Texas North Carolina let’s go Indiana Texas North Carolina Washington Virginia
and I’ve had very good success using audience insights and Google Trends as a
split test so in another split test of course we could go in here and go to
demographics first of all we’d probably want to change it back from Tony Robbins
cuz miniature pig lovers may not always love
down here Hawkins and so we can go location for a miniature Pig and then
again we could we could split test these specific cities versus what Google says
the most popular states are so for now we’re just going to do these five states
according to Google Trends now we see we have a potential reach of 150,000 people
which means we need to think of another way or two to actually narrow this down
so let’s see if we can find anything in here that we could fund so American Pig
didn’t work Priscilla the mini pig didn’t work and mini pig world did not
work so if we scroll down a bit we can see the affinity right which is how
likely your audience is to like a given page compared to everyone on Facebook so
my audience would be seven hundred seven thousand two hundred fifty seven times
more likely to like American mini pig then would at the rest of Facebook so
let’s see if we can find anything else here we’ll try awesome ocean Best
Friends Animal Society awesome ocean cool so we do see awesome ocean here but
we’re not gonna put it in this one right and why do you think that is and give
you a second to think about it right because miniature Pig is our most
detailed targeted narrower right so we want it to be by itself because we want
every single person we show this ad campaign to to have expressed interest
in mini pigs so now we’re gonna do actually let’s take a look at what
awesome ocean is first make sure it’s not something crazy so awesome ocean
kind of looks like it’s just you know ocean stuff which in my opinion has
nothing to do with mini pigs so let’s do Best Friends Animal Society and then
maybe the Humane Society and then we’ll call it a day so the Best Friends Animal
Society and something that I want to note just while we’re here if you notice
it actually appeared twice Best Friends Animal Society appears twice be careful
that you’re not choosing employers here because it’s only 2500 people interest
is you know 1.75 million and then let’s do the Humane Society again employ
see be careful not to choose it and so as of right now we’re at 70 300 people
let’s see what happens if we choose the Humane Society as its own of the United
States see if we get too narrow here no so it’s still if you want it to it you
want the Facebook audience size to be kind of in the middle here you don’t
want it to be too specific or they might not show your ad as often and you don’t
want to be too broad or you’re gonna waste money right so now we’re down to
5,000 people and let’s break it down so we need somebody who’s either between 50
and 75 or 75 and 100 or owns a home we need somebody who 100% likes a micro pig
and also 100% likes Best Friends Animal Society and also look likes the Humane
Society of the United States right so we can save this audience if we want or we
can go ahead and move on to the next section which is placements so
placements is basically where your ad is shown right so there’s a number of
different places you can actually use so if you go to edit placements you can
kind of take a look at all of the different ones if you want to only show
it on mobile or desktop let’s say you have a mobile app right you wouldn’t
necessarily want to show those advertisements of people on desktop who
can’t actually download that out but for us we don’t really care if they’re on
mobile or desktop we can see you know based on our results of our campaign
whether or not people are more likely to purchase from mobile and desktop and
then we can split test again right so if we take a look at the placements here we
can do Facebook feeds instant articles in-stream videos right column right we
can do Instagram we can do the audience network which is shows you know as
advertisements inside of apps and different places where they you know
have recidivism agreements we can do messenger ads where it’s actually you
know home or sponsored messages that are actually being sent to people’s phones
right so my experience and you know you have to split tested for your own but
I’ve had you know thousands and thousands of different ad campaigns I’ve
spent you know hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads over my life
what I’ve noticed is that the most effective ad campaigns for Facebook are
through Facebook feeds right so I’m gonna actually disable everything else
except for feeds right and so I want to note that for certain types of products
let’s say you have like a boutique fashion line or something like that
Instagram works great right so I like to split test I’ll just I’ll create all of
my ad copy all of my interests all of my different demographics for location and
age and all of that right and then I’ll set it as feeds and then I’ll copy the
campaign exactly the same and I’ll change feeds to Instagram and then I can
see you know everything else the same you only difference is this one has
feeds this one has Instagram let’s see which one is converting better and
giving me more profitable sales so for now we’re just going to do feeds here
and that actually brought our audience down to 1,800 people so I’m gonna do one
other thing here I’m gonna put this one into here the Humane Society closed this
one out and then here we go just back up to 50 100 even when we are narrowing it
down to just feeds so budget and schedule I like to usually set it
between 10 and 50 dollars a day when you’re first starting right everyone
always asked me Kevin you know how what should be said our budget at how long
should we run it how long should we decide until our budget or until we can
say yes it’s successful or no it’s not so there’s no magical answer here but I
have found in my experience that you can tell a lot about an advertisement from
spending 60 dollars right so I like to set it between 10 and 60 if I excuse me
20 if I set it for 20 I’ll reevaluate in 3 days if I set it for 10 I’ll
reevaluate in you guessed it 6 days so we’re gonna set it for 20 just for now
and that means that you’ll spend no more than 140 a:link per week excuse me link
clicks is fine here right bit amount automatic this means
Facebook actually adjusts the bids for you for their add oxygen algorithm
manual bidding is incredibly difficult to master and it’s not something that
you want to worry about because Facebook does a great job of automatically
adjusting your bid campaigns for now you know if you get super advanced then it’s
something that you know we could retouch then on manual bidding campaigns right
because you know some people try to get really fancy and they’ll pause their
campaigns like overnight where people aren’t necessarily going to be looking
at them and all this stuff of stuff don’t worry about that just get these
ads started right face is very very good at delivering
profitable campaigns all you have to do is set your audience correctly right and
then you know get some engagement get some social proof on your ads right run
your traffic campaigns get some pixel data and then run conversion campaigns
and retargeting correctly if you can master those basic things which we are
going to discuss and have discussed in detail you are going to be a-ok so now
we’re on to the actual ad itself so micro Pig will do single image today
only right and so we’re gonna create an advert here from your Facebook page you
know you want to create if you’re gonna own like a micro pig company for example
I had so funny I keep saying micro Pig it’s just ridiculous but if you’re gonna
own a micro pig company you want to create a Facebook page right you don’t
want to run your Facebook page from the Kevin David you know entrepreneurial
page you want to make micro Pig micro pigs RS or whatever you want to call
yourself and then make that Facebook page and then run your campaigns from
micro pigs RS just so it makes sense because when people see the ad they’ll
see like the Facebook page associated with it and they want to see something
that’s similar right so create a quick Facebook page and then this is where we
can choose what we want to actually have our ad copy be right whether it’s
carousel single videos slideshows collection for our for ours where’s
gonna do single image it is worth noting that video by far is the best converting
advertising copy type right it’s there’s not a question video converts the best
and it’s very powerful because you can create custom audiences based on few
percentage right so if somebody’s kind of interested they watch 25 percent of
your video maybe you show it to them again through retargeting if they’re
super interested they were 75 percent but then they got caught up in something
right their houses on fire whatever they had to leave the computer for a second
then you definitely want to make sure that you’re you know dumping money into
the retargeting campaigns of people who’ve watched 75 percent of your video
because that means that they’re very very interested so a cool little tool
that I like to use to actually to actually see other ads is called ad
espresso Academy ads example right so this is a really cool little service
that I like to use it’s probably not gonna work because I have yeah because I
have ad blocker engaged but if you just run like a quick incognito window here
then that disables that little feature because everyone uses adblock but they
can’t doesn’t work if you use it so instead of turning it off I’m just gonna
go incognito so a miniature Pig I’ll be pretty surprised if they have anything
here yeah they don’t but um you know depending on what it is let’s say it’s
like you know jewelry now we see 136 Facebook at example so it’s important to
note here that I like to use these because it’s very difficult to create an
ad completely from scratch right you want to look at things that other people
are doing I’m 30% off right ten things that happen
to change your appearance you probably didn’t know that get yours here so all
these different um you know ad copies to look at the images themselves right earn
two times more all of these different like beautiful little imagery 30% off
you know you kind of start to notice similarities that people are doing
designer jewelry for the modern man like right like a minimalist little thing
with a video you know it’s starting in the same way and you can kind of you
know emulate the success of other ad campaigns to feature your own products
so let’s take a look at a couple more let’s look at my boy Tony Robbins for
some reason it’s not loading let’s give it a little reload here and then go Tony
Robbins here we go Dean gracio see Tony Robbins right all
these different things discover Tony’s ultimate business formula and these
these will just help you just trust me when I say it’s very difficult to add
really you know to create copy just from scratch looking at a blank template look
at what other people have done right you don’t have to copy it I wouldn’t
recommend copying it exactly but you know all of these different things will
help you write these ads for yourself you know without having to go from
scratch which is much more difficult to do
so that’s just one tool I like to use another I like to use this swiped Co
swiped Co is interesting because they actually will kind of the owner the
owner of this website will annotate it and he you know he’s a very he’s a very
professional marketer and he’ll you know he’ll he’ll actually annotate the ads
themselves and talk about you know what we’re actually looking at so we go here
and go to Facebook Ads we can see here free Donald Trump at
trial off for her male and female targeted ads from Tai Lopez and this is
an actual swipe study which is cool because you know he’ll actually show you
what he’s actually looking at creating a vivid scene the reader can step into and
imagine the photo below helps build on the visualization and emotion right so
that’s really interesting because it’s not often that you get to see kind of
from the mind of a marketer why these things are working rather than just kind
of reading and glazing over right you either join the masses down there or you
continue the climb no compromises no whining no excuses no second chances
yours is a path constantly bombarded by the people below telling you that you
can’t do it activating our desire to be the cool
kids not like the masses the desire to prove the doubters wrong right so I’m
not gonna go through all of this but you know never it’s never just let yourself
stare at a blank template look at what other people have done right base your
campaigns on what has been proven to be successful you know don’t copy it but
use it as your inspiration right so don’t don’t ever let yourself get kind
of hung up there so I don’t actually have any micro Pig imagery but you know
if I did own a micro pig I have a ton of adorable little micro pigs all like you
know honking around jumping and wearing like adorable little clothes and things
like that that I would use here and videos of course as well right and then
we’d run the campaign to our actual to our website here we’d make sure to set
up our Facebook pixel right I don’t actually have one on this account but
you know creating a Facebook pixel is very important like we talked about
before to actually tracking stuff so let’s run through we’re gonna do WWE
micro pig comm because we don’t actually own this website and then we’re gonna
write a headline so what’s similar to a micro pig let’s
see if we can get anything maybe we could get like a puppy puppy use nothing
to sell I’m just buying up ad space and filling it with puppies enjoy your day
okay so these guys are actually selling puppies what’s your spirit animal
alright so I like that so my spirit animal is a micro pig and so maybe y’all
maybe I’ll use that so we’re gonna go what’s your spirit animal and just for
the sake of having a photo let me grab a micro pig photo here just so we can
actually see the kind of you know finalised result of the ad just cuz I
want to show everyone so we’re gonna use this image here and normally you’d want
to create an image in the 1200 by 628 pixel ratio that just shows it correctly
on you know all different types of Facebook feeds so you want to make sure
that you actually had you know it’s set correctly so maybe this maybe this photo
is too small let’s do Pig so here’s a good one this is close to the correct
ratio as well and normally you know you wouldn’t be running Facebook ads that
you can just rip textures off of Google right cuz you don’t want to get in
trouble for IP claims and things like that but just to show you guys you know
a finalized ad here not sure what’s still not showing this correctly there
we go so mini-pig there’s a cute little pig
what’s your spirit animal right so we’re gonna take another look at this what’s
your spirit animal if you the entire collection from puppies make me happy
right so this is a beautiful little advertisement let’s say we’re selling
you know micro pigs shirts and micro pig tanks and micro pig clothes right we
have a graphic artist that we could get from up work or five or create us a nice
little um you know graphic in the 1200 by 628 which we can find here so it
would appear best right I just took this off the internet just to show you guys
and so we’re gonna make our headline excuse me our text what’s your spirit
animal view the entire micro pig collection today and maybe we do
something like 50% off sale just kind of get their attention
alright so especially number two this is always good right the click Beatty you
know you want to be you want to be not too crazy about it but you’ll love our
micro pig sweater line especially number two alright so maybe we want to put this
actually in lower case since it bring attention you love our micro pig sweater
collection especially number two right so you know you want to use tactics to
get people kind of interested you know you could do today only you can split
test all the different texts and things like that
you know this one I probably wouldn’t keep all of this because it’s a little
bit too busy but for now we’ll just do today only what’s your spirit animal and
then we’ll see what they had for their text
like it this just in from Women’s Health magazine
experts say the gear can actually make you happier probably right so we could
say women’s magazine study pigs make you happier something like that right and
I’m creating this in like a minute you know just to show you guys kind of what
the final outcome looks like like this alright we’re driving to our website
itself we have our headline we have our text and once we set up our pixel right
we could set our pixel we’d insert that pixel onto our website right on all of
our different pages on a few content on the Add to Cart page on our Thank You
page and once we did that you know we’d be good to go we’d confirm this and that
would be it guys and now we’re gonna take a quick look at actually how I’m
installing my pixel and things like that just to show you guys from a technical
perspective you know just how easy it is to do and not to get overwhelmed
alright so to find our pixel we just come up here into the menu we go to all
tools and then we go over to the pixels section and for this particular account
we don’t have a pixel yet so we are going to create one from scratch well
then as we know from earlier right the pixel is kind of how it identifies who’s
visiting which pages which allows you to then create custom audiences and
retarget which is the true magic of Facebook Ads so we’re going to create a
pixel here we’re gonna call this one micro pig pixel just kidding actually
we’re gonna call this one Kevin David pixel right because it’s not only going
to apply to our micro Pig Empire it is also going to apply to you know our next
Empire on you know naked mole-rats or whatever we choose so we go next here
and Facebook is going to create us our handy-dandy pixel so they make it pretty
easy to understand but we’re going to go through the elements just to kind of
hammer at home just because you know coding is a little bit more
then then you know other things are for most people including myself definitely
so this is how it works so they have a little video here if you guys do want to
watch it but you know I’ve I’ve used Facebook pixels for years now copy the
entire pixel code and paste it into the website header so I use clickfunnels for
the most of my ecosystem and so we’re gonna take a look really quickly at just
one of the places that I installed this pixel into and how to actually install
it so we’re gonna go into one of my funnels here this is one of the full
course funnels and as you can see they have a settings section so you can come
into settings and you know if you use a wordpress site it’s quite easy just just
google search how to in how to input a Facebook pixel into a WordPress site
it’ll be a ton of tutorials right you could even YouTube it if you want just
don’t let yourself get overwhelmed that’s the key righteous if you can’t
figure it out for whatever specific service you use if it’s WordPress you
know if it’s Wix or whatever right don’t let yourself get overwhelmed just Google
search it I use click funnels I’ve done it many times before on WordPress as
well just into the header section but right here we can just put the head
tracking section Facebook pixels so we just literally take it from here copy it
paste it into our head tracking and then it will apply to all three sections of
our funnel right I also do my Google remarketing tag and my Google Analytics
tag so that way every single person who visits my website is being tracked for
my Google Google AdWords remarketing campaigns for my Google Analytics
campaigns and for my Facebook pixel camp aims right so that is how you install it
it’s just that easy right and then you can you know you can send a test traffic
to your pixel just to see if it’s working which is you know quite easy to
do as well but we’re not gonna do that right now
what we are gonna do is talk about events right so events an event is any
action on your website that can be tracked such as when someone clicks a
button or visits a page with the Facebook pixel you can identify the
effects that matter to you and give them categories right so we’re gonna do
purchase purchase is very important we are
going to do complete registration and basically how this works guys is for
example we would just take this little purchase code right here and just going
back to my example they would only see that the thank-you page here if they
actually bought the course itself right and so if they bought the course itself
that’s the only way that they would ever be prompted to see the final page of the
funnel it’s the same thing as if somebody buys your product they see
thank you page we’ve come into the settings here we would go to tracking
code and we would take this little purchase event right and we would
literally just insert it right here so I have already have it in here so I’m not
gonna paste it again but this is where we would paste it and then any specific
action that led to a purchase right would fire the pixel event here and then
Facebook would say hey okay this ad fired the face fired the purchase event
and then it would say this ad you know that we spent $10 you got one purchase
and so your your price per purchase was $10 per purchase right and so it’s very
important to set these up correctly if you guys are interested I can show you
exactly how you know I set this all up in one of my funnels for you know
selling a product or drop shipping or you know you know doing some type of
Shopify thing for e-commerce so it depends on what you guys are doing
whether it’s digital or you know actual physical products themselves if you guys
are interested I’d be more than happy to make you know a very detailed tutorial
on exactly how to set up your pixel so it gets seasoned right so you can get
very profitable conversions and so you can track your registrations leads and
purchases I’ll make a super detailed one if you guys are interested leave me a
comment below and if not you know I also want to open this up if you guys have a
specific topic or you know some type of product or service that you really want
to see you know somebody who’s pretty experienced with Facebook actually hone
down and advertise I’d be more than happy to make you know specific Facebook
videos on advertising on any subject right or I could go live and you guys
could come down leave comments you know hey show me how
to make a targeted campaign to sell tripods or you know to sell garden
equipment or whatever it is right so if you guys are interested in that leave me
a comment below saying you do want me to go live and I’ll be more than happy to
you know in real time show you exactly how to advertise for any specific
subject so let me know in a comment below if that is interesting to you so
this is how we do our pixels right we can go done here and now we are done so
the final thing that I want to talk about and probably the most important
thing is retargeting right so let’s make a simple retargeting campaign here we’re
gonna go custom audience and we are going to do website traffic right so
when we create a website traffic campaign it’s we can do some pretty cool
stuff here so the way that I like to use this is people who visit a certain page
of a website and then we can exclude people who don’t and that sounds a
little bit complicated right now but I’m gonna show you exactly how we do it just
to make things clear so this is a simple opt-in page right – if people want the
PPC cheat sheet that I created for my Amazon FBA business so if people want to
get this specific cheat sheet they enter their email here and then they’re
prompted to the next page where they can download it so there’s two pages here
this first page which is the opt-in so you would take that page and this is
under the assumption that both of these pages have our Facebook pixel installed
on it correctly which they obviously would right after I showed you guys
exactly how to do it and so we take that and we’d go people who have visited
specific web pages and we would go here URL contains and then we would enter our
opt-in page right and the maximum amount of days you can do this for is 180 so
you want to include as much possible data as you can here just so Facebook
can be as you know specific as possible so then we are going to target everyone
who’s visited our opt-in page right but has not visited our Thank You page so
we’re going to be pressed include exclude exclude people who meet any of
the following criteria so again we’re gonna go 180 days here and we’re going
to go people who visited specific webpages
we’re gonna come to our second final step and we were going to copy and paste
the URL of our funnel here and what this is doing now is this is creating a
custom audience that we can retarget and if you think about it logically right we
want to get as many emails as we can we want to get as many people downloading
our cheat sheet as we possibly can right so we don’t want to show our ad to
anyone who’s already downloaded our cheat sheet already giving us their
email right so we’re gonna exclude all of them we are going to include anyone
who’s gotten to the opt-in page right so they got to the page then they decided
maybe they didn’t want it right or maybe they you know for whatever reason
clicked away without actually giving us their email so we are going to target
everyone who’s come to our opt-in page but has not given us our email right
this is the same exact concept for someone who’s coming who’s come to your
order page on an e-commerce website but has not actually purchased and seen the
Thank You page it’s the exact same concept if you’re selling a digital
product right they’ve come to your order page but they’ve not seen that thank-you
page so click funnels makes it very easy but it’s the exact same concept if you
are using Shopify or you know WordPress or whatever it is you just take the
order page here and you exclude people who have seen the Thank You page meaning
that you’re only targeting people who have not purchased from you yet but
we’re very close right and so we’ve named this visited PPC
opt-in but did not give email all right and so we create this audience right and
then another cool thing the second way that we could retarget right is then
we’d create a look-alike audience from our custom audience right so we can
choose a custom audience or a page and so we would just type in the exact
audience that we just created we’d put in United States here or if we wanted to
make a look-alike audience to target people in Canada or Germany right
because Facebook has so much data on everyone in all of these different
countries all around the world that you can create multinational look-alike
audiences and then once you create that look-alike audience you can yet assign
additional narrower like only people who speak English in Germany only people who
speak English in Germany who also like Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss or whatever
you know whatever you’re selling right and we showed you the exact
we had to do that using audience insights to find the most relevant
interests right so those are the two ways that you know I’ve found extremely
profitable from a retargeting perspective right there’s so many other
ways like you know retargeting based off video percentage you can you know create
custom campaigns off emails you can do offline conversions by uploading all the
emails and information of people who have purchased your product or service
or whatever and Facebook can create custom audiences that way right so the
opportunities are basically endless here guys but we just showed you how to
create an ad right everything about campaigns we showed you how to use
audience insights and Google Trends we talked about how to you know set up your
narrow errs and your create your audience how to narrow it down from a
demographic perspective how to find page likes and pages that people liked
related to your specific product or service we talked about how to set up
your pixel we talked about retargeting and so I hope you guys enjoyed this
video I mean that is pretty much everything you need to go from a
beginner to pretty close to an expert and the rest of it really just comes
through experience guys so I’m gonna leave you with a single little quiz
question that actually is a little bit harder than you might think so I’m gonna
put I’m gonna propose a scenario here you have 100 people who visit your
Shopify or e-commerce website right so you have a hundred people who view your
content it fires that view content pixel you have 10 people who Add to Cart and
you have one person who purchases and you know all of that because your pixels
installed and you have your event setup right you know on your view content page
on your Add to Cart page and on your purchase page you have those three i’m
installed correctly so 100 people view your content 10 people add to your
products of cart and one person purchases if you wanted to create a
conversion campaign which would be the best to actually target would yuri
target people who viewed your content would you create a conversion campaign
on people who add it to cart or would you create a conversion campaign on
people who actually purchase your product so leave your answers as a
comment below i’m really curious to see what you guys think about this answer so
I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you are interested in
you create another you know much more detailed tutorial or you know on setting
up Facebook pixels on retargeting on some more of the very advanced methods
or you want me to do a Facebook live to discuss you know exactly how to target
any specific topic and I’ll do that live for any of your products or services let
me know again in the comments guys so I hope you enjoyed that and we will see
you on the next one