Stop Wasting Traffic. The 1-Minute Copy & Paste Technology Used By Six Figure Marketers To Make More Money…

Build A Massive Mailing List

This is a super easy way to get more subscribers on your list. The more subscribers you have, the more money you make. Copy a link to one of your squeeze pages and paste into a box, click save. When someone goes to leave your blog, landing page, or sales page they are presented with your full squeeze page. We built a list of 1,170 doing this on just one of our sites and a list of 936 on another.

Sell More Of Your Own Products

We use this plugin on literally every single one of our sales pages and have made thousands of dollars in extra sales. Show people a secondary sales page, offer a discount, or use a mini-version of your sales page as someone is about to leave your sales page. This is guaranteed to work. Or, show them a squeeze page and build your list if a visitor doesn’t buy the product.

Pack All Of Your Webinars

Show people your full webinar sign-up page or even someone else’s as a visitor is about to leave your site. Copy your webinar sign-up page link, paste it into a box, click save. You will get more people on the live webinar or watching your replay. This is perfect if you’re doing evergreen webinars as well. Everyone who runs webinars wants more people to watch.

Bank Serious Affiliate Commissions

Copy your affiliate link, paste it into a box, click save, and make more commissions. When someone is about to leave your site, they will see the offer you’re promoting. When they buy, you get your commission. You can also force people to see your bonus page if you’re using one by placing the link to your bonus page in the box. This is an easy way to make more money if you’re an affiliate marketer.

9 Built-In Animation Effects and Mobile Friendly

Use any one of our 9 built-in animation effects to get the visitors attention as they are about to leave your site or page. You can choose to have your pages fly in, slide in, or fade in. People will be curious and stay just to see what they are about to be presented with. WP Traffic Up is mobile friendly and works across any mobile device.

Super Easy To Use

We can’t stress this enough. WP Traffic Up is one of the easiest plugins you will ever use. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have when it comes to tech stuff or WordPress. Absolutely anyone can use it and make more money. Simply copy & paste a link, put it into a box, and click save changes. It doesn’t get any easier.

WP Traffic Up